Learn the Different Types of Beers : Ales, Lagers and Bitters

Drinking beer is something universal. Anywhere in the world, people have access to all sorts and types of…

Drinking beer is something universal. Anywhere in the world, people have access to all sorts and types of beers. This is particularly handy when there are celebrations, gatherings, or special occasions. The most common types of beers are the following: ales, lagers, and bitter beers. The difference of the three varieties is greatly determined by the brewing process, with specific attention to the temperature and the quantity of yeast that is used in the process. Different types of people would have various preferences and will be able to choose the best variety based on what their taste palettes prefer.


The Brewing Process

The main difference between the brewing process undergone by ales and lagers involves yeast and temperature used. Lagers are made by using bottom-fermenting yeast and fermented using low temperatures, usually no higher than 64 degrees Fahrenheit. This process enhances the taste of hops and malt on the beer.


Ales on the other hand, are produced using top-fermenting yeast and brewed at much higher temperatures ranging from 59 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of this, the process of making ales is shorter.


Bitter beers are a distinct form of ales. The brewing process is almost similar to brewing ales. The only difference lies with some of the materials used, in order to produce a lighter color


Distinct Flavors and Quality

Among the three, lagers have the lightest color, followed by bitters, and with ales having the darkest color. In terms of flavor, lagers are the driest while ales have the most robust flavor and taste, with bitter beers in the middle. Lagers have the most alcohol content which can be up to 14% compared to ales, which can contain up to 7% and bitter beers which contain around 3 to 4%. So anyone who wants to have light booze can go for bitters while those who would like to have more alcohol can have lagers.


Bitters are also known as pale ale in other countries. In the UK, ESB or Extra Special Bitter is one of the known brands. The most common varieties of ale are Scotch ale, mild ale, Burton ale, old ale, and Belgian ales. These types vary in terms of alcohol content, additional flavors added, and number of years the beer is vaulted or stored after brewing. Some of the most common types of commercial beer fall into this type, such as Budweiser and Doppelbock.


Drinking beer during celebrations or just for the fun of it is a good thing. The experience would be better if one is able to find the right beer type for that particular occasion or the preferred beer types of your friends and relatives that are joining you for the drink. The level of booze they would like to have and the taste they would like to have for a beer will greatly determine whether they would prefer bitters, ales or lagers. While these three have distinct features, all types are a good way of spending time with family and friends.

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