Learn vs. Study

Difference Between Learn and Study The two words learn and study are two verbs -used in the English…

Difference Between Learn and Study

The two words learn and study are two verbs -used in the English language that are very confusing ad people often think that they have the same meaning. However they are different and words, their uses are also different.

The meaning of the word ‘learn’ is to gain absolute knowledge about a particular subject. As for example “I am learning to play baseball” It means that I am on my way of gaining expertise on baseball. The word ‘study’ is generally not used in such cases.

However the verb ‘study’ imparts a vibe of exam preparation. As for example “Sarah studied hard for her grades” The word ‘learn’ means the gathering of some knowledge or mastering any skill by experience. It indicates the gradual development of any particular ability.

You can often find the words ‘that’ and ‘how’ along with the verb learn. Let us have some examples.

1. I have learned that if you do anything wrong you have to suffer for it.

2. You can learn how to write an essay.

The use of that in the first sentence and how in the second sentence makes the use of the two words evident.

The word study on the other hand is used as a noun. It indicates the investment in time to gather some knowledge from books mainly. It indicates the quest of knowledge. Anything that can be observed or read can be a matter of study.


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