Left Brain vs. Right Brain

Difference Between Left Brain and Right Brain Left and right brains are of the same size and carry…

Difference Between Left Brain and Right Brain

Left and right brains are of the same size and carry out almost similar functions. They are located inside head on left and right side. The difference is regarding the types of function each side of brain performs. The functions carried out by the right brain include randomization, intuitive, perceiving something as a whole, synthesizing parts of perceived stimuli and subjective perception. On the other hand Left Brain performs logical reasoning, rational analysis, objective perception and looking a whole into parts.

Our brain comprises left and right hemispheres in our head. It is part of central nervous system. Brain controls the movements of our body muscles, receives the sensations from environmental stimulus, and memorizes them and makes perceptions. It carries out body functions such as controlling body temperature, hunger and thirst, respiration etc. Brain is divided into various parts. The frontal lobe does the function of memory. The middle front is called sensory area which receives the stimulus from environment. The back side area carries out and controls body movements such as walking, raising hands and legs, moving head etc. The right side brain controls the left side body organs such as left hand, left leg, left eye and left ear etc. On the other hand left side of the brain controls the right side of the body organs. But a few exceptions are there.

The nerves from the brain start from left side and reach right side of the spinal cord crossing the midline. In the same manner, nerves from the right side of the brain reach left side of the spinal cord crossing the midline.

The left side of the brain controlling the right side of the body muscles is called dominant lobe. But exceptionally, in some persons, right side of brain can be dominated. Such persons are left handed.

Some special functions are carried out by the dominant lobe. Some functions are carried only be non dominant lobe. Paralysis may occur in case the right side of brain is not functioning.

Thus, the functions of these two side brains are different and both the brains are necessary. Human well being depends on the proper functions of the two.


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