Legend vs. Myth

Difference between legend and myth The main objective of this article is to dig and delve into the…

Difference between legend and myth

The main objective of this article is to dig and delve into the dissimilarities between the legend and myth.

In practically all the cultures of the world, there are tales replete with bright and colorful creatures and characters that originate from the enchanted ancient times.  These narratives totally go against logic and reason, order of events and the rules of nature, at times supernatural elements are intermeshed into them. These characters alluded to as legends and myths that form part of the folklore and these are passed from generations to generations. Although there may be resemblances in between the legend and the myth, there still are variations from one another in several aspects.


It is rather simpler to perceive how legend and myth are created. There was a time when there was lack of science which resulted in the fact that people could not discover any suitable explanation to natural events such as lightning and thunder and cooked up fables of fictitious characters to explain these occurrences. These tales with the element of super natural beings were percolated from one generation to the other and thus steadily developed into legends and myths.


One of the main variations lying between the legend and the myth is that legends are purportedly human beings born during the ancient times and were considered to be famous for performing an extraordinary or an act of bravery. During that period, people did not have advanced devices such as video recording facilities and therefore they transmitted these tales spun around such legends by way of mouth only. It was natural for these tales around the legends to be overstated with each and every generation and presently it is totally impossible to believe in the tales of yore.


The difference between the myth and the legend is easily comprehended with this myth. In Greek mythology, there is a myth that Prometheus thieved fire from the God, Zeus and handed it over to human being in order that they could keep themselves warm and protect themselves from severe cold. Zeus caught Prometheus and as a punishment chained him to a rock where eagles ate away his liver every day yet it was surprising that the liver grew back again during the night.


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