Life vs. Death

Difference between life and death The terms, Life and Death are two opposite words and each of them…

Difference between life and death

The terms, Life and Death are two opposite words and each of them tends to display their variances between them. A person is considered to living when the essential air exists in the human body and death is the ultimate outcome when the air that we breathe goes out of it. A living person, while he is alive with this critical air running through the body is able to act and think as a living human being. The brain remains active as long as there is life in the body and as soon as he is dead, the brain becomes inactive.

As long as a person is alive, he is able to move around performing different acts and breathes and the moment he meets his end, he is unable to move and is unable to do things which he is able to do while he is living. The person while living is conscious during the time of his life, but loses consciousness immediately after dying.

The two terms life and death are put in use as suggestive words also in a totally different connotations. The term `death’ suggests the `final moments’ of a person’s life whereas life suggests the meaning of `vital breath.’ The implication of the word, `life’ also denotes `survival’ in contrast to `death’ which takes on the meaning of `end of life’. One can discern the variation between the words, life and death even when used in the indicative significance.

The usage of the term ‘life’ is done to signify the ‘most important aspect’ as observed in the sentence ‘expression is the life of art’ or ‘she is my life’. Similarly, the denoting of the meaning of ‘vital breath’ is through the use of the word, ‘life’. Likewise, the word, ‘death’ is also used in an evocative sense. In a large number of situations, we discover the usage of the term, ‘death’ in a reminiscent sense. The word ‘final moments’ used in sentences indicate like he scored ‘the vital goal at the death.’ In other words, you are given to understand that the footballer scored the most significant or the winning goal when the game reached the end of the game or in the final moments of the game.


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