Life vs. Live

Difference Between Life and Live ‘Life’ and ‘live’ are words of English language. ‘Life’ is a noun while…

Difference Between Life and Live

‘Life’ and ‘live’ are words of English language. ‘Life’ is a noun while ‘live’ is a verb as well as an adjective. When used as an adjective ‘live’ is pronounced as live and when it is used as a verb it is pronounced as liv. There are differences between the meanings of the two.

Life can exist until the act of living continues. The act of living depends upon certain factors such as oxygen, carbon, water, food etc. Oxygen is a must for human being to live while carbon dioxide is a must for plants.

The word ‘live’ is a verb and is used to describe the process of life. For example, He lives a peaceful life. It can also be used as an adjective to describe what is happening at the time of speaking. For example, We are watching live match. Other examples of ‘live’ as an adjective are: live show, live telecast, live wire.

The word ‘life’ is used as a noun. It is not the process but a consequence of a process that is ‘living’. A person’s life is the result of his living. Thus life is an object of the verb ‘live’. Just look at the examples below to find the difference between live and life.

He lived a peaceful life. (in this sentence life is an object while live(d) is a process or action)

I watched a live show on TV. (Here ‘live’ describes the quality of something ie ‘show’)

Life must be lived. (here the ‘life’ works as a subject of verb ‘live(d) ).

Both ‘life’ and ‘live’ are complementary to each other. One is a process while other is its outcome. Life exists only when one lives and if one has life he must live it.


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