Like Vs. Crush

Difference Between Like And Crush It is difficult to distinguish between simply having a crush on someone and…

Difference Between Like And Crush

It is difficult to distinguish between simply having a crush on someone and falling in love or liking someone. Some people treat the two as one and the same but for many other individuals, these are very different.

While describing the two can be so subjective, there are many clear differences between them. When saying you like someone you enjoy being in his or her company. You like to be with this person or group of people because you simply have fun with them. In their company you are quite comfortable. On the other hand, in a crush, you are physically attracted to the person and notice how he carries himself.

Crush and liking someone seem similar in the beginning but they differ in some ways. When you have a crush you tend to develop a physical attraction towards the person. But liking someone is more about being attracted by the personality of the person rather than the physical side. The feeling of having a crush on someone can disappear very quickly. For example, initially you might find a person’s physical attributes attractive but the bad character  will tone down your excitement against him or her very soon whereas when you like a person’s character, chances are that you will continue to like him much longer.

Also, when you like someone it’s more prone to develop into a friendship, but to have crush on someone would result in a romantic link. In other words, it is safe to say that crush is “love from afar”. You are still too shy to admit to a person which is why you only admire him from afar.


1.Liking is more about being attracted to personality traits ,his physical attributes not being relevant , and having a crush someone is to be attracted to his or her outer appearance.

2. Liking is more inclined to develop into friendship whereas crush is more likely to develop into romantic feelings.

3. The feeling of crush usually disappears faster than the feeling of liking someone.

4. Having crush is admiring the person from afar.


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