Listening vs. Hearing

Difference Between Listening and Hearing Listening and hearing are both different types of senses that are processed by…

Difference Between Listening and Hearing

Listening and hearing are both different types of senses that are processed by the brain through the ear. These are the most effective means of communication between one another. Hearing is quality we all have from birth, unless you are born with a hearing defect or if you are deaf and mute.


Listening involves the processing of the sounds heard to understand the meaning behind it. Listening requires your brain to decipher each sound that is heard by the ear to form words or sentences that you can easily understand. Most memories are instilled in our brains because we listen carefully to the sounds, words and music we hear all around us. To understand what the other person is talking about, we must listen carefully and understand it.


All individuals are born with the ability to hear. When we are born, it will take a month to start hearing all sorts of sounds all around us. However, this is just hearing the sounds received from the ear; we do not process the sounds as in listening. We detect that our environment is noisy but we do not know the reason or meaning behind the noise.

The difference between listening and hearing:

Listening and hearing are both functions of our ears, but listening is radically different from hearing. The hearing is just the perception that there is some sound around you, which comes through your ears. Listening involves analysis of each part of the sound and understanding what is intended. Therefore, listening involves comprehension while the hearing does not. Listening requires attention and concentration that requires your brain to work. Hearing is more like a sense. Therefore, when someone gives you an order, it is always a wise decision to not only hear but also listen.

If you want to gain knowledge and learn new things, you will have to use your ears to listen and not just hear the words.


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