Livingsocial vs. Groupon Deal Of The Day

Difference Between Livingsocial and Groupon Deal Of The Day Internet has introduced a few new dimensions in the…

Difference Between Livingsocial and Groupon Deal Of The Day

Internet has introduced a few new dimensions in the manner of operating business. On line businesses have introduced new products and services to attract more and more customers. One example is the Deal of the day websites. These have been crafted specially for the online business. With the help of these websites, both seller and buyer can enjoy greater bargains.

Living Social

It is a deal of the day website. It has another competitor in the field that is called Groupon- another website. According to the Wall Street Journal, it gets $ 175 million from Amazon alone. Users can make their deal on this site. These deals are on the discounts in the range of 50 to 70 percent off the original prices. LivingSocial offered deals at 120 locations in 2010. It gets up to 10 million emails for subscription daily. This firm offers promotions and some deals on the Android platform.


It is also a deal of the day website. It was launched in 2008. It is located in Canada, United States, Brazil, UK, Chicago and France. Groupon entered Chicago first of all and then in New York, Boston and Toronto. It has covered about 160 markets in North America, 120 in Asia, South America and Europe having about 36 million registered users.

Difference between Groupon and LivingSocial

The difference between both the website can be found in the way they attract customer and compete with each other. Living Social is considered as the second largest website in the field of the deal of the day business. This website plans to attract $ 180 million from Amazon and Lightspeed Venture. Its plan was to beat Groupon in social buying. The company has planned to increase its workforce too. This way it will be able to cover more cities and beat the Groupon.

The main difference lies in the fact that LivingSocial is getting more customers than Groupon today. According to comScore, a clone of Groupon, LivingSocial attracts unique visitors comparing to Groupon. Marketing is the important thing in business. Advertising is that which makes all the difference. The advertising of both the websites is different in nature.

Thus, we can conclude that both the websites have great competition with each other. There will be an advantage if Google buys Groupon. No doubt, Amazon too is very powerful making LivingSocial very huge.


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