Lizard vs. Gecko

Difference Between Lizard and Gecko Lizard and gecko are reptiles with overlapping scale on body, having small legs…

Difference Between Lizard and Gecko

Lizard and gecko are reptiles with overlapping scale on body, having small legs with pads allowing them to cling on a vertical thing like wall. Both of them belong to the Reptilia’s suborder of Lacertillia.


It is a common reptile. It is found across the world. We come across them even in our homes. They generally have dry and scaly skin. It has a four legs with clawed feet and a tail. Their tail is very weak and breaks easily even with slight jerk of the body. Their tails are very important in balancing their body and making movements.


Gecko is a also a type of lizard belonging to the Gekkonidae family. They appear in warm climate and found all over the world. They can be 1.6 cm. to 60 cm in size. The name gecko is derived from the Indonesian term Tokek. The name is suggested by their sound. They do not have eyelids except a few varities.

Difference between Lizard and Gecko

All Geckos are lizards but it may be that all Lizards are not Gecko. Gecko is a lizard. Lizards have 4,675 species. But only a few species of them can vocalize. And Gecko is one of them. Its sound makes it unique and different from a normal lizard. They chirp in a unique sound while making communication with other geckos. As far as food is concerned, lizard can eat a variety of food, including insects, veggies, carrion and tetrapods etc. On the other hand geckos eat only insects like beetles, cockroaches and, millepedes. All geckos are not poisonous while a large number of species are poisonous.  Both lizards and geckos can be kept as pets as they are harmless to humans except one named Komodo dragon which can attack and kill human.


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