LLB vs. BA

Difference Between LLB and BA LLB and BA are The two degrees offered by various colleges and universities…

Difference Between LLB and BA

LLB and BA are The two degrees offered by various colleges and universities are LLB and BA and there are some substantial differences between the two. LLB can be taken at the same level as the popular BA degree, but with a difference. This is the same as the Bachelor of Law or Legum Baccalaueus. When someone has completed the Law course or any other standard legal program, then he is awarded the LLB degree.

LLB Degree:

The LLB originated in England. If a student already has a basic LLB degree, he is entitled to request for an LLM or Master of Laws degree.

The specialty of the LLB degree compared to other traditional legal degrees is that students have to undergo a more difficult training in the practical aspects of law. This kind of rigorous training will help the students later in life when they will practice law. Therefore, the students are required to submit a thesis before completion of the LLB degree. It is mandatory in some universities around the world. There are other universities where the submission of the thesis is not required.

BA Degree:

On the other hand, BA, otherwise known as the Bachelor of Arts, is considered more traditional in nature and the subjects prescribed for study are mostly traditional, too. The practicality of the subjects cannot be emphasized. The student of BA degree also does not need to submit a dissertation at the end of the course.

BA is a degree awarded to students in different disciplines. The disciplines in which the students are awarded the BA degree are history, geography, English and other languages, economics, philosophy and many others. BA degree can be accomplished in three years while an LLB degree can be completed in four years in some universities.


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