Lobbying vs. Bribing

Difference Between Lobbying and Bribing The terms, Lobbying and Bribing even though their connotations may be diverse of…

Difference Between Lobbying and Bribing

The terms, Lobbying and Bribing even though their connotations may be diverse of each other still have an equal relevance in politics. Both these terms are extensively used in the field of politics and their usage has become exceedingly rampant. A person when he wants to alter a particular policy or seek an amendment to a law, he visits his local politician and the resultant effects would one of these two situations.

The term, Lobbying is an action on the part of supporters of a certain interest and attempt to impact a political policy on a specific issue. While a person visits his politician, it is to be perceived that in case he is in consensus with your viewpoint, he would manipulate every move to get that law or policy amended. This action would involve appealing to both the law making organization as well as the masses. This act of getting things done in one’s favor is known as Lobbying.

The term, Bribing essential takes the form of presenting anyone an incentive which could be either financial or otherwise to act in a manner of affecting their opinion in one’s favor. Taking the same example as above, in case the politician is in reality not assenting to a person’s views, he would courteously turn down his support towards the cause. However, there are several other ways and mean which people would adopt to convince the politician about their perspectives and sway the politician towards acceptance of the cause. One of the means is offering a gift which may be either financial or an item that would be of equivalent value or else reputed to be as a bribe.

There are however times when the thin line existing between the two terms becomes obscured. It is in times such as these that the forceful stratagem followed by our politicians may lead us to consider that their enthusiasm has turned unnatural and there may be much more that may be discernible. Before accusing someone of giving a bribe or even accepting a bribe is a complicated issue, since before allegations are made, one is to be sure-footed and on firm ground of his accusations backed with sound and solid evidence. In case, your statements fall flat, the accused parties would slap a libel or a charge of slander against you.


The commonality lying in between these two terms of Lobbying and Bribing is that these are applicable to a person who holds an office or position of trust such as the local politician. The difference lies in the fact that while bribing is an illegal form of dealing, lobbying is considered to be a lawful procedure. It would be pertinent to point out that in case you would require something to be altered in line with your local political policies; you would be lobbying for it. This act entails raising awareness, advocating your policies and making your leaders to know about it. Bribing is a practice which one should not adopt as bribing is illegal and punishable under the law.

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