Lok Sabha vs. Rajya Sabha

Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha: Components of India’s Legislative Body The domination of man on the earth’s surface…

Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha: Components of India’s Legislative Body

The domination of man on the earth’s surface is perhaps his most notable achievement. Being considered the most rational among all creations, he attempts to unleash his God-given talents and capabilities for the betterment of his being, making him one of the most powerful creatures ever created. But as he struggles for continued existence, he dares to compete with his fellow human beings for almost all the nature’s given gifts, causing the sprung of innumerable conflicts of man throughout history. To establish organization among human societies, government was invented. Through this, man’s divergence to each other is put into an end. They were bound to live in harmony and coordination through the reality of government hence, knowing different styles of governance is important for us to understand.  India, for example, has a unique style of governing its state; its legislative body is composed of two houses: the lok sabha and therajya sabha.

Lok Sabha is considered the lower house of the parliament. It is consist of 552 members nominated by the president and voted upon by the people. Each of its kind has a 5 year term of service.  Though placed in the lower house of the parliament, lok sabha has more legislative power than the rajya sabha. It has the power to impose forced general elections by introducing a motion of no confidence against the present government. They are also responsible for all financial transactions made by the government.

Rajya sabha on the other hand is the upper house of the parliament which is composed of 250 members – 12 of which are nominated by the president and the rest are elected by the state legislative assembly. Terms of service are for 6 years with 1/3 of its member’s population has to retire every two years. Though they are in the upper house, it does not mean that they have more legislative powers than the lok sabha. The rajya sabha often shares the same legislative powers with the lok sabha, except in the area of finance, where the lok sabha has intervening powers.

The lok sabha is dissolved by the president through the loss of majority. The rajya saba on the other hand is a permanent body which could never be subjected to dissolution. In the event of dissolution of the lok sabha, if an emergency occurs, the rajya saba has the power to hold de facto veto power.

In brief:

  • Lok saba is the lower house of the parliament, composed of 552 members, and having the power to hold forced general elections. It also functions mainly for the governments financial transactions.
  • Rajya sabha is the upper house of the parliament and is made by 250 members. It functions like the lok sabha but has no power in financial transactions. In the event of the dissolution of the lok sabha, it may hold itspower of de facto veto.
  • Lok sabha can be dissolved after five years while rajya sabha is a permanent body not subjected for dissolution.
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