Love vs. Adore

Difference Between Love and Adore When you meet a person who is attractive and charming, it is natural…

Difference Between Love and Adore

When you meet a person who is attractive and charming, it is natural that you feel attracted to him and think of ways to get in touch with him. The time that you spend time with him stays in your memory. You obviously like the person very much, but you are not sure if you love him or not. Slowly, your feelings are involved too such an extent that you feel restless when you do not get a chance to see or speak to the person. At this stage, you have surely gone past just liking the person. Now you can say to your friends that you adore this person. Love is a stronger feeling compared to adoration as it involves commitment towards the person involved. When you say I love you to someone, you have feelings of love towards this person and this love is spontaneous and not forced.
When you feel that your relationship has progressed from being merely casual and you have started to like a person, then it is clear that the person is no longer a mere acquaintance or a friend. This is the time that you will long to be with the person always and love to spend time with him or her. This is a stage of infatuation when you feel strongly attracted to the person and want to be with him all the time. This stage can be described as a huge crush on the person. You are aware that you like him but cannot decide whether to be involved or not. You realize that you cannot live without this person and want to be in his presence all the time. The sheer mention of this individual brings up loving memories and makes you feel happy. This is the sign that you love him and have a deep affection for him.
There are people who have reservations with mentioning the word ‘love’, especially those who were hurt in a relationship before. They are trying their best to avoid falling in love and instead use the word adore instead of love. In any case, adore is the step just before love. Love is the ultimate feeling you can have for anybody. However, even when you convince yourself that you simply adore a person, you are actually close to falling in love with him even without realizing it.

‘I love you’ are the three strongest words you can say to any person. This is the moment when you are sure that this person means much more to you than just being a friend and you cannot live without him in your life. You feel that your life is worth living only for him. Do not be mistaken; this is the highest feeling called love and not mere adoration.


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