Love vs. Friendship

Difference between love and friendship A lot of thought has been given over the variance between the terms,…

Difference between love and friendship

A lot of thought has been given over the variance between the terms, Love and Friendship for a long time. Even though both these terms cannot be considered as interchangeable terms as one for the other, yet it is extremely easy to confuse them without being conscious, especially when those who are actually interested in the terms often end confusing while elucidating them to others the thin demarcating line that partitions love from friendship or vice versa. The two terms are so confounding that it becomes far more difficult to put forward the explanation as to which is a subset of what. We are well aware of the distinction of our love from our friends, but are not able to know the technique to properly define these two terms.


Love can easily be explained as an emotion that overwhelms a person and forces them to act in a manner that they usually may not have acted otherwise or even have done so in their wildest dreams. It may also induce a person to sacrifice almost everything for a person with whom they are deeply in love or attach themselves emotionally and become dependent to such an extent that they would find it difficult to exist when one of them leaves thus creating a emptiness hard to fill.


The foundation of love exists only in between pairs. It is an emotion that is difficult to control yet is easy to define as an emotion that is existent between two people for each other such as a husband and a wife, a brother and a sister or between a mother and a child.


A person who has relationships with several people at the same time is defined as a friendship. A person may also have confidants amongst a group of people with whom he can share his thoughts or has fun with and have a heart to heart talk. In emergent conditions, one can always fall back on good friends who are always there to provide assistance in a lot of ways. There are also a lot of things which require no explanation among friends since there are certain facts which friends comprehend without any explanation. In friendship, there is a profound connection between friends like telepathy where one understands the mind of the other without verbal explanation and when their minds are in sync with each other.

Friendship is an affiliation that finds its basis more on trust whereas the emotion of love coerces one to surrender a lot. Friendship is also a connection that one may have with several other people at one given point of time and on the other hand love is a feeling shared between two persons. In friendship also there are categorization of friends, some are known as very good friends, some may be simply friends while others may be acquaintances who when you meet brings a delightful feeling every time you meet. Yet when you meet someone you love, it increases your heart beat or you feel overwhelmed completely. It is usually assumed that two persons having the most divergent and opposite personalities or traits have an attraction between them, yet in friendships blossom when friends possessing similar tastes and personalities meet each other. Although the special attachment is existent in love, it is not sufficient for one to trust the other person, which breeds a sense of insecurity in love.


In summation, even though both the feelings of love and friendship would continue to remain perplexing terms through generations to come, yet both are sentiments and associations much treasured to cause happiness in a person’s life when existent. Love is a powerful emotional sentiment towards a person and in many cases it is tender, profound and an ineffable feeling of solicitude and affection that one feels for a person, whereas friendship can be explained as a relationship between two persons often considered to be intimate, controlled and socially enduring between two or more persons.


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