Love vs. Infatuation

Difference Between Love and Infatuation The terms, Love and Infatuation are two simple words in English that vary…

Difference Between Love and Infatuation

The terms, Love and Infatuation are two simple words in English that vary considerably in their connotations. Love is an emotion that emanates from the heart and soul of a person, while the feeling of infatuation is brought about by the hormones.

The feeling of infatuation is essentially sensual in its nature while love is affectionate which happens to be one of the major differences. The feeling of love acquires permanence and universality in all aspects and grows along with time since it is activated by affection. Love does not fade away with lapse of time whereas infatuation which brought through sex appeal tends to loses color as time passes.

Infatuation is the outcome of a physical necessity and can be considered to be that physical requirements creates the path for infatuation while love comprises of sharing with each other and is irrelevant to physical needs.

Philosophers distinguish love and infatuation in the finest ways. They profess that love brings to fruition the spiritual truth while infatuation brings about the materialistic truth. It could also be portrayed that love is unworldly in its nature as compared to infatuation which is earthly in its characteristics.

The variation between love and infatuation is generally misunderstood by the younger generation. They are unable to distinguish between these two emotions and consider infatuation to be love or vice versa. While love establishes a long term relationship, infatuation is only short termed in comparison.

Infatuation is fragile and cracks appear easily in such an association, love assumes an eternal relationship. The emotion of love waxes and grows in dimensions, infatuation on the other hand wanes in the course of time. True love does not fail and is permanent while infatuation being momentary is certain to fail since anything which momentary does not assume permanence.

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