Love Vs. Lust

Difference Between Love and Lust Love and lust are two topics which must be known to separate one…

Difference Between Love and Lust

Love and lust are two topics which must be known to separate one from the other. Love is something connected with heart and soul but lust is based on physical need. Love is purely an emotional need. The lovers must know the nature of their love.

“Love is blind but marriage is an eye opener”. Sometime love leads to hasty marriage followed by repentance.

Love is selfless, filled with promises, commitments whereas lust is the satisfaction of one’s physical urge. In love a concern for the fellow partner is involved seeing that his partner’s mental and emotional doesn’t get hurt. But lust is a feeling minus concern and love. Lust caters to one’s physical need without any sense of commitment. Lust sees no involvement of discipline; it may be an immediate urge. Love is a long term feeling. An unknown feeling of love emanates from the heart of the lovers that binds them together.

True love never dies, but the result of lust which is short lived can have a long lasting disastrous effect. Love is the perennial source of inspiration, which can even lead to one’s progress in the long run.

Love for an individual can be transformed into love for the fellow beings of the world. Thereby we can make this earth a better human habitat.

Opening the fountainhead of love is good but should not be confused with lust which is nothing but a mental demoralization.

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