Love vs. Sex

Difference Between Love and Sex There is a lot of difference between love and sex. Love is an…

Difference Between Love and Sex

There is a lot of difference between love and sex. Love is an emotion of personal attachment, deep affection and commitment. Philosophically speaking, love is a virtue, which shows off all the human feelings of trust, compassion, goodness and kindness. In a religious context, love is not just a virtue or good quality, but a divine feeling and is the very foundation of our existence.

It is difficult to attribute any one meaning to the term Love. It means different things for different people while sex is totally a biological event. There are several types of sexual relationships and there are certain things in common. Sex is a physical activity that takes place between two individuals of the opposite gender. Sex is often referred to as making love. Love and sex are closely related; however, sex and love are not depending on each other to occur. Love is an emotion or a feeling. Love implies feelings of trust, affection and commitment. It has romance and charm. Sex depends mainly on the sense organs.

Love is a strong feeling for a person, an object or for a purpose. There is no other motive for love. Sex is an act that provides physical pleasure, and is undertaken for the purpose of reproduction. The term used for not indulging in sex is called abstinence. Sex is totally a matter of choice. There are some people who believe in abstinence and some, who do not.

Sex could have physical after effects in the human body. A female can conceive a child after indulging in sex with a male partner. Sometimes, unprotected sex can lead to STD (sexually transmitted diseases). Since love is not a physical activity, it is attached to feelings and emotions; therefore, it does not affect the physical health of the person.

Love is a universal feeling; it can be between a father and a son, between a girl and a boy, a mother and a child, a husband and a wife, between two males, between the male and the female, between two females and the like. Love could be with or without sex. Love can be towards animals, towards ones country or nation, towards a celebrity etc.

Love is the expression of affection without sexual overtones. Love could include hugging, touching, kissing, but without any sexual inclinations. Love is a serious and lifelong commitment between two people where each is willing to do anything for the other. Sex is a physical act with the aim of physical pleasure or reproduction. There may not be any kind of commitment in the sexual relationship. The sexual partners may not be serious about each other.

Love could be towards religion or God; but there cannot be any sexual feeling in religion.

Love is a strong bond between two persons with the purpose of strengthening the relationship. It is a strong and profound feeling. Love between two people can exist at all times. Sex is not a continuous activity. Love is a mental concept while sex is a physical act between two partners.


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