Love vs. True Love

Difference Between Love and True Love Most of us have experienced love. You can love somebody deeply, be…

Difference Between Love and True Love

Most of us have experienced love. You can love somebody deeply, be closely involved with him or her and then, due to circumstances, break up. You may take a week or a month to heal, but then you will move on in life and fall in love again. True love is a mystery, a myth; it is every person’s wish but is destined for only a few. When you love somebody unconditionally, without taking into account his looks, his flaws and shortcomings, then it is true love. The person may not even reciprocate your feelings, but that does not affect your feelings for the person. True love gives you a reason to smile, a reason to live and a reason to die for.

It is very difficult to differentiate between love and true love. Each person has his own perception about love, first love, second love, true love and the like. These questions regarding love have haunted humankind through ages. Different kinds of love have been projected in films, literature, art, scriptures and myths. Love is not bound by time and age. One can feel love in any stage of his or her life. Love can be adoration, attraction, affection, liking, infatuation or all of them together. Love has many facets: your love for your family and friends is different from loving a small child. Again, loving your partner or spouse is different from loving your pet. Love asks for love in exchange but true love is divine and unconditional. Therefore, it is very rare to find true love. True love has no end; rather it grows with the passage of time.

It is interesting to note that when you are in love, you start being conscious of how you look. You even try to look good to please your partner. However, in true love, you do not try to please anybody; you do not have to put in extra effort. Everything comes directly from the heart. True love takes ages to develop; it is a divine unconditional feeling without any anxiety or condition. True love implies sincerity, fidelity and commitment. You are dedicated to your partner for the rest of your life; somebody without whom you cannot even imagine living. You feel that if this person ever leaves you, you will lose all meaning in life. If you love somebody casually, then you may find it easy to let go and fall in love again later. However, true love means total commitment and dedication. You are ready to sacrifice everything, even your life for your special somebody. That special somebody will also not leave you because he in turn reciprocates your feelings. In true love, you do not need to get dressed and make an impression; words lose sense and butterflies do not flutter in your stomach. True love is a more mature and stable state, where it becomes synonymous with companionship. In true love you slowly develop a spiritual connection with your partner, and this leads to a feeling of fulfillment.


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