Lust vs. Love

Difference between Lust and Love: Manifestations of Human Desires and Affection                 In this world where human’s physical…

Difference between Lust and Love: Manifestations of Human Desires and Affection

                In this world where human’s physical desires stand to be at it highest prevalence, it would be hard to identify how one sees a person. Love and lust are seemingly viewed in similar perspectives. One may think that both terms connote almost identical meanings but, truth is, both are manifestations of each other’s opposites.

There differences are even stated in the bible as lust pertains to one of the seven mortal sins while love is a fulfillment of all the teachings being endowed upon by the bible. Even history can tell how both terms provide distinctions against the other as lust was a manifestation of human greed for power and physical urges even before civilization occurs whereas love is the expression of man’s affection and care towards each other.

Lust is an unavoidable emotional force which is the manifestation of one’s physical desire – usually related to sexual attraction towards another person. It is a selfish act as it only pleases a person’s physical satisfaction. One is said to be lustful when he or she fantasizes for someone in an obscene manner. It is also described as the human physical desire usually associated to man’s sexual demands. This term also connotes to an action pertaining to a selfish desire over something related to power or authority e.g.  Lust for power and lust for money.

Love on the other hand pertains to the unselfish act of giving affection to a person.  It satisfies a person’s emotional and spiritual needs. It is a term commonly used to express an act of unselfishness and affection.  One who knows how to love also knows how to accept a person as a whole and do not only see him or her through physical attributes. It is a virtue considered to have represented human kindness and compassion. The world would not be as peaceful as it is now without love.

Both terms are totally different from each other; the only common thing about these two is that both are emotions felt for a person. Lust is purely for physical satisfaction of one’s desires while love is solely meant to satisfy one’s spiritual and emotional needs.

In brief:

  • Lust is a selfish act pertaining to one’s physical desires over another person.
  • Love is an unselfish act of giving affection towards a person.
  • Lust is purely for physical satisfaction.
  • Love is for spiritual and emotional satisfaction.


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