Lymph Vs. Blood

Difference Between Lymph and Blood At some point of your life you must have come across the word…

Difference Between Lymph and Blood

At some point of your life you must have come across the word Lymph. How many times has your mother checked you for lymph nodes getting swollen when you acquired some infection? Although the blood and lymph have a number of parallel activities, there certainly is a series of differences between the two. Let’s take a look at some of them:

The most obvious difference is of course the lack of a basic pump in the lymphatic system. Blood is pumped through the body by the heart, the most dominant muscle in the human body. Nevertheless, in the lymphatic there is no such functionality. This flows through the veins in a passive manner. Liquids struggle through the system during normal body movement.

Another important difference between the two is related to their functions. Through our veins the blood flows, and carries oxygen to all body parts. The lymphatic system, in fact, eliminates waste and other products that are released into the tissue.

Our body’s blood flows in a continuous cycle. It is in the form of a cycle.  Blood deprived of oxygen is carried to the heart which is then replenished with oxygen. After this, blood is channeled through the body. However, lymph flows in a different way. It flows from the lymphatic tissues in the system. Nevertheless, once introduced into the vessels, lymph flows in one direction.

The blood components are different from the lymph. It consists of liquid blood plasma, white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets. The filtered Lymph is channeled in the cardiovascular system and is more or less like a milky white or clear liquid.

Any damage to the body surface causes the blood spurting. So it is something that is obvious. However, it is difficult to observe the damage to the lymph nodes that are less swollen.

The blood is cleansed by the kidneys. In the kidneys, waste products are eliminated, and excess liquid is absorbed. When done, the essential fluids are back to the cardiovascular system. Lymph nodes throughout the body remove waste and kill pathogens


1 Blood is pumped from the body to the heart, but lymphatic fluid moves along the body’s normal function.

2 Blood carries oxygen throughout the body. The lymphatic system removes waste products.

3. The blood flows in circular motion in the body. The movement of lymph is in one direction

4. Blood contains platelets, white blood cells and red blood cells.

5 Blood can be seen in case of any damage to blood cells. Lymph can not be seen with naked eyes.

6 The kidneys clean the blood. Lymph gets purified in Lymph nodes.

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