M.Sc vs. MBA

Difference Between M.Sc and MBA It is a well-known fact that M.Sc and MBA are post graduate courses.…

Difference Between M.Sc and MBA

It is a well-known fact that M.Sc and MBA are post graduate courses. They show difference between them from the point of view of eligibility, the opportunities of job, specialization etc.

General Pre-requisite

These two courses are different as far as their general pre- requisites are concerned. General pre- requisites are also called eligibility. The eligibility of the course differs between them. The candidates who want to register for M.Sc should have a fundamental degree as B.Sc in their respective discipline or relevant field of study. For instance if you want to get admitted in an M.Sc in Chemistry, it would be appropriate that you have a Bachelor degree in Chemistry or a degree in Science in general. Many universities and colleges (that include colleges in different community) consider bachelor degrees with Chemistry to be one of the ancillaries also as condition of eligibility. MBA requires on the other hand a bachelor degree in the discipline of business administration. Such of those who do not have a bachelor degree in business administration, can always apply for MBA if they have other bachelor degree and pass the entrance that is held by the university or the college that provides MBA courses. (For more details on the Exam of entrance)


The durations of both courses are also different. M.Sc is a post-graduate course that to be completed in a span of two years. On the other hand MBA takes 3 years to be completed. However, some universities and colleges provide MBA courses for a span of 2 years also.


The results of study of the students of both these post-graduate courses are also different. A student who passes out M.Sc has the knowledge of the special characteristics of the relevant subject. It enables the student to go on to be a specialist in subject. The end result of studying the MBA course is that the student becomes well acquainted with the procedures of business and the administration. The management includes the administration also.

Opportunity of Job

When it occurs to job opportunities, both the two post-graduate courses have different opportunities of job. A candidate with M.Sc can ask for jobs as a teacher, a scientist, a researcher and an adviser. The candidates with MBA can ask for jobs as the adviser, the manager, the financial adviser and of other administrative posts in a business organization.


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