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The Difference Between Mac and PC There are lots of distinction between a PC that runs on any…

The Difference Between Mac and PC

There are lots of distinction between a PC that runs on any of the windows version and a mac computer that runs on a Mac operating system. There has been a considerable debate between which computers are superior, but the conclusion would come from the personal preferences of the user for what the PC is used for. The dissimilarities between the PC and the Mac is visible physically from mouse and keyboard to how the program runs.

Mouse and keyboard

The foremost difference among the PCs and Macs have in the mouse are the Macs have only single mouse button to that of two on PCs. But you can also right click on the Mac mouse by holding the “Ctrl” button on the keyboard.

Moreover, Macs contains different command buttons on their keyboards from PCs. Macs includes an Apple or command key which is used for keyboard shortcuts for copying, pasting or opening a new browser window. Mac also contains control key on their keyboard but they aere used for different purpose. The Apple or command key on the Mac keyboard is used in place of “Ctrl” key on a PC keyboard.

File Оrganizatiоn

The foremost dissimilarity between PCs and Macs is that Mac does not possess a “Start” button as in a PC. If the user wants to open a file or any program then he has to go to the “Finder” window which opens by a click on the blue colored icon at the bottom of the desktop which is generally named as Macintosh HD.

A “Spotlight” feature is used to open a program or file if its location is unknown. The “Spotlight” button is usually gerey I colour and could be found on the top  right corner of the desktop.

Accessing Open Programs

Mac has a Dock which is similar to the taskbar in the PC, where the running programs icons are displayed with an arrow which indicates that the programs are on use. The various files and programs can be used as shortcuts on the “Dock” by dragging them from their respective folders to the dock bar so that they can be open faster.

If more than one program runs on Mac then, the other program which is at the back of the current program can be bring to front just b clicking on its icon displayed on the Dock bar.

Closing Programs

In windows, a red colored X button is clicked for closing a running program alongwith its window.

But while using Macs, the case is not the same. The X button on the Mac when clicked closes the window and the program keeps on running. The program runs even if the window or documents are not opened. For closing the program, the user on a Mac should click on the top status window where the program name appears and then click on the Quit.

The shortcut Apple + Q is another simple way to completely close a program which is faster than the above method. In order to close all the multiple windows of a program, Quit command can be used.


The cot is the key difference between the Mac and the PC. Macs cost around $ 1000 to $ 3000 while PC ranges starts from $ 400. The major reasons behind the cost differentiation are distinction in features such as larger memory, faster processors and better video chips.

Macs are also build with light-weight durable aluminum materials like PC. Macs are more secure than PCs on account of viruses, Trojans and worms. Mostly people prefer Mac due to its high-capacity of working which can run many heavy programs such as editing, design and animation at the same time.


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