Madam vs. Madame

Difference Between Madam and Madame The two words Madam and Madame are both ways of addressing a woman.…

Difference Between Madam and Madame

The two words Madam and Madame are both ways of addressing a woman. They seem to be the same in meaning. The difference between them is in the way these words are used. The word madam is generally used to address the lady or the mistress of the house. On the other hand, madame is a French word that refers to a married lady. This is the main difference between madam and Madame.

The word madam has a connotation of authority or rank attached to it. When we address a woman as madam, it is clear that we show her respect.  That is why, the term madam is often used for woman who is respected by society or who occupies a high rank in an organization.

The word madam is commonly used in everyday speech. In polite conversations, madam is the correct address for a woman. In other words, we can say that the term madam is a more respectful way to address a woman. In British English, the word is used to refer to a smart girl. Sometimes the word madam is used to address a young woman too.

On the other hand, the word Madame is a sort of title or salutation, which is to be used to address a French woman. The plural of the word Madame is Madames. However, sometimes, the word Madame is used in place of madam.

Languages specialists estimate that the British meaning of madam is the same as the way the French use Madame. However, there are subtle differences in meaning which have to be kept in mind. Those using these words in writing or speech should be aware of the minor differences between the two forms of address, madam and Madame, so as to convey the exact meaning and not confuse their readers.


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