Maid-of-honor Vs. Matron of honor

Difference Between Maid of Honor and Matron of Honor The matron of honor and the maid of honor…

Difference Between Maid of Honor and Matron of Honor

The matron of honor and the maid of honor are helping hands for future bride for the wedding ceremony. Maid of honor is chosen because they are the most relied friends of the bride.

At many weddings, you must have been good as well as a midwife assisting the bride. The difference is not in their homework or that they relied more than the other. The difference is in the marital status of women that one want to be relied on. If the woman selected for the honor is not married, so it is called the maid of honor and maid of honor is the name if she is married.

The bride may choose to have two different friends one married and the other single for the support and such brides have a maid of honor and matron of honor both. Usually, brides have only matron of honor or maid to honor as there are very few who have more than a one friend who is most true.

Once a person becomes a good or a matron of honor, they are expected to perform many duties such as: choosing the dress with the bride, the arrangement of a party, the arrangement of a single party, buying the dress for the bride with the bridesmaids’ dresses, the fact of having it all and ensuring that the people who come are welcomed well

The bride considers the most trusted and dear friend to be her maid of honor or matron of honor. This can also be difficult as the responsibilities of the maid of honor are many and they have done that without any misunderstanding between bride, family and friends. Above all, the nerves of the bride are depending on the matron of honor as she is the only one whom she can rely for all her care.


If the woman is single, then she is called a maid of honor and if she is married, it is called a matron of honor. The women are married or single are the only difference.

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