Major Depression vs. Bipolar Disorder

Difference Between Major Depression and Bipolar Disorder A few years ago, people have difficulty between major depression and…

Difference Between Major Depression and Bipolar Disorder

A few years ago, people have difficulty between major depression and manic depression. Previously, a more standardized and integrated was created and the psychiatrists as well as doctors have their own way of interpretation the conditions which are mentioned. Both contain the word depression. We all know that this word means the lack of an individual trip, activity and ability to continue to perform normal operation. But what is the real difference between the two?

Before we continue, there is always a question that must be answered. When depression becomes a problem and not just a normal feeling that all people suffer at some point in their lives? In fact, the feeling is depressed is not something wrong and does not necessarily mean that you have a problem. Depression is a common emotion that we all feel, although this depends on how we interpret it to be. You may feel depressed for a simple reason, as a failure in an event, being scolded by your boss, or unable to meet a deadline. Almost all people have different reasons to be depressed, but it doesn’t really means that we have a problem, because we all have different ways to deal with it. Rather how we handle our depression and our lives can be the reason for our problem.

Depression can now be considered a clinical problem when a person has an inability to deal with it and it lasted for a significant amount of time now, by disrupting the normal activities of such person. Only when it is that a professional is required to diagnose and assess the type of depression that the person has. Thus, major depression and bipolar disorder are diagnosed differently.

Major depression is diagnosed when a person exposes the inability to respond for over 6 months. Meanwhile, this person has constantly felt depressed and now has shown no care to anything. This causes changes in the normal performance and cause a decreased self-esteem. The person undergoes phases of depression all the time, which could lead to suicidal tendency.

On the other hand, Bipolar disorder was once considered a manic-depressive depression. In this case, the patient displays the mania and the atrocity, as well as times of depression. This differs from a major depression in the sense that the patient can move without hesitation of moods. Thus, it is vital that the utmost care must be maintained to prevent motion sickness during those sudden changes of mood.

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1. Clinical depression occurs when there is already a disturbance in the normal operation and displays an individual incapable of caring for depression.

2. Major depression is diagnosed when depression exists for more than six months and disrupts normal activities and causes the inability to cope.

3. Bipolar disorder is diagnosed when both the manic and depressive episodes than depressive episodes occur otherwise.



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