Malaria Vs. Yellow fever

Difference Between Malaria And Yellow Fever Both the diseases named Malaria and Yellow fever are caused by the…

Difference Between Malaria And Yellow Fever
Both the diseases named Malaria and Yellow fever are caused by the same vectors viz. mosquitos, but many differences exist between these two diseases. Malaria is caused by the transmission of a microscopic organism named Plasmodium while yellow fever is caused by the yellow fever causing viral elements. Deaths due to malaria are much more as compared to those caused by the yellow fever. Yellow fever first showed itself in the human population in the year of 1793 while the existence of malaria is known for almost five hundred thousand years now. The most common type of malaria causing organisms are P. vivax and P. falciparum.
The differences that exist between the two types of diseases are stated in this article.
The incubation period of malarial organism is around three to six days while the same for a yellow fever viral element is around a week to a month.However in case of both the diseases the symptoms start showing up a week after being infected by the causative agents.
The symptoms that are very common to malaria are headache accompanied with severe headache and frequent shivers, and the same or yellow fever includes problems in kidney and diminution which later on pave way to vomiting, exhaustion and finally jaundice. Malaria is seen to affect people who live in the tropical regions while yellow fever affects people who stay in the equatorial zones, especially in the continent of Africa. Yellow fever also results into delirium, internal hemorrhage, coma and even death while malaria causes vomiting, convulsions damage of the retina and fever accompanied with fever.
Vaccines are available to prevent yellow fever, providing protection for as long as 10 years, which, however, are not available in the under developed nations. Malaria cannot be prevented by means of vaccination and so one must take precautionary measure.

1. Yellow fever is much frequent in its occurrence in the Equatorial regions, especially in the continent of Africa while malaria is more observed in the countries of the tropical regions.
2. Yellow fever can be prevented by means of vaccination for as long as 10 years but no such vaccination is available for malaria.
3.Yellos fever causes internal hemorrhage, vomiting etc while malaria results into fever, shivering and retina damage.

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