Malaysian Horned Toad vs. Bell’s Horned Frog

Difference Between Malaysian Horned Toad And Bell’s Horned Frog Can you spot the Malaysian horned toad? It is…

Difference Between Malaysian Horned Toad And Bell’s Horned Frog

Can you spot the Malaysian horned toad? It is one of the most odd-looking animals in the Asian rain forest. The skin on its head protrudes beyond its nose and above its eyes. This skin forms three soft “horns.” Its tan or chocolate brown coloring is like a disguise. From above, the Malaysian horned toad looks just like a fallen leaf!

The horned toad lives on the forest floor among piles of dead leaves. Half buried, it lies motionless, waiting for an unsuspecting prey animal to pass by. The toad’s soft horns are especially sensitive to sound. The horns probably help it sense approaching prey. This species has the ability to kill animals much larger than itself, including rodents and other frogs.

The breeding call of the Malaysian horned toad is a strange, bell-like “ching!” You can hear the loud call ring out in the night. After mating, the female lays her eggs in a rapidly flowing stream. From the eggs hatch immature tadpoles that are almost as strange-looking as their parents. Each tadpole hangs from the surface of the water by a broad, funnel-shaped mouth that acts like a little float. The funnel opens above the water’s surface, so insects and other floating food pour into it. If the water current is strong, the tadpole can use its mouth like a suction cup to attach itself to a rock. In this way, it avoids being swept downstream.

Bell’s Horned Frog

Most frogs are timid creatures. They disappear at the slightest sign of danger. But not the Bell’s horned frog! It could be called the fighter frog because it is an aggressive bully! The Bell’s horned frog isn’t afraid to attack larger animals, and it’s even been known to bite the heads of grazing horses.

The Bell’s horned frog has a big head and a large, heavy body. If you were to look this creature straight in the eyes, it would look as if it were smiling. It has a very wide mouth and extremely strong jaws. It also has the ability to take in lots of air and puff itself up. This makes it look even bigger and scarier. The frog gets its name from the flap of skin on each upper eyelid. This structure looks like a little horn, but it is not hard or sharp. Its purpose is unknown.

Bell’s horned frogs usually live among low-lying plants on damp forest floors. Their coloring is good camouflage, blending into the background and hiding the frogs from prey and predators. Often the frogs will lie under leaves or moss. Only the top of the head and the large, protruding eyes are visible. Bell’s horned frogs are always alert, listening to the forest sounds and watching for any signs of movement.

At mating time, Bell’s horned frogs travel to ponds in the forest. After courting, the females release their eggs into the water, and the males fertilize the eggs.

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