Male Brain Vs. Female Brain

Difference Between Male Brain And Female Brain Men and women are different in many ways, both in appearance…

Difference Between Male Brain And Female Brain

Men and women are different in many ways, both in appearance and behavior. Since all behavior is the result of activity of the nervous system that receives different behavior of men and women that are rooted in different brain structure. Studies have shown that such differences exist, although it is still not completely clear what causes it.

Men generally have larger brains than women, even when adjusted for the height. It is not to say that women’s brains are like reduced or less complete.

Sexual behavior is also greatly influenced. It is not only brain regions that are associated with sexual behavior. Several differences between men and women have been found in nerve pathways connecting brain regions in the two. These lines seem to either be a different, more or less present in women than in men. It appears that these differences reflect differences in the activity of cerebral hemispheres.

In general the right hemisphere is more active in men than women and vice versa, more activity in the left hemispheres of women than men. This is in the fact that men generally perform better than women in tasks that are testing, primarily considered going in the right hemispheres, and the female is generally better than men in language programs that try mainly on the left.
Interestingly, women show greater symmetry in brain activity than men when solving a task that requires a language test. The right hemisphere appears to a greater extent involved in language processing in females than in males.

What causes this difference in brain structure and function between men and women? There is evidence that the effects of sex hormones on the fetus in utero, particularly androgen, are the council in that development. It is not known why the difference between the whole gender often increases as people get older. The increase could be due to the different experiences of men and women, but could just as well be pre-registered in the genes as many other things occur when organisms grow old.

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