Male vs. Female

Difference between male and female The Male and the Female are generally the same till the time they…

Difference between male and female

The Male and the Female are generally the same till the time they attain puberty with the exception of the appearance of the external genitalia. The sex of the human being is usually decided by the sex chromosomes in the human body. All humans are essentially structured as female. If the sex chromosome pair has Y chromosomes, the fetus would develop as a male child. In case the sex pair is of XX composition, the child would develop as a female child.

The female has a set of ovaries while the male child is endowed with testis. The gonad of the male or the testis would come down towards the scrotal sac as an external part of the human body while the female gonads are resident in the interior of the body. The female possesses the vagina and the uterus as against the penis with the scrotum in the male.

The secretion of the hormones from both the testis and the ovary start from the stage of reaching puberty. The males have testosterone while the female has more estrogens and progesterone. The pitch in the voice of the male child reduces in this phase due to the thickening of the vocal cords. The male starts growing a beard, axilla and the private areas. However, the voice of the female remains the same, yet there is a development of the breasts and much more fat is deposited under the skin. In the female, the growth of hair is in the armpits and the private areas. Still, the outline of the hair and its distribution is varied. The male has diamond shaped hair distribution in the private parts and the hair goes up towards the belly button. The shape of the hair in the private parts in the female is triangular in shape. The growth of hair on the scalp in the female is much more.

The difference in the shape of the body of both the male and female takes place from the puberty stage. The male body sports strong bones and develop a more muscular body where the hip is narrow. On the other hand, there is a widening of the female hip to accommodate her to carry the child. Though the female has reduced muscle strength, she has accumulated fat in the body. These changes that take place are known as secondary sexual attributes.

The menstrual cycle starts in females from puberty to menopause where the bleeding would be in a cyclic order. The male would be able to feel an erection in the penis and the ejaculation would lead to dispersal of the sperm which is given to the female to fertilize in the ova. In case the sperm consists of the chromosome Y, the child would be a male and if not, the child will be a female child. Hence the male is the one who is laden with the responsibility of producing a male child.

To recapitulate, Male and female are two major categories of humans in sex. Generally, they are the same till the stage of puberty excepting the external manifestation of genitalia. The Hormones secreted from the gonads are usually responsible for the transformations after puberty. The divergences that are mainly planned to reproduce a child.

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