Male Vs. Female Dogs

Difference Between Male And Female Dogs The primary difference that the canine genders have is in the form…

Difference Between Male And Female Dogs

The primary difference that the canine genders have is in the form of their size. In almost all species and mixtures (some exceptions apply), males are larger. Although height tends to be very close female height, he weighs in general, more, more of the standard used to determine the size of the dog.

The price of reproductive sterilization also varies for each sex. The male dog needs to be simply neutered. When he is placed under anesthesia his testicles are generally removed. The process takes less than thirty minutes for most veterinarians. Female dog is also placed under anesthesia, but it her body needs to be surgically operated so that her uterus can be taken out. The average length of the procedure is approximately one hour. The cost difference between the two procedures varies with the appointed vet, but it usually costs more for the female dogs and is also more invasive. The male dogs have a quicker recovery span in comparison to the females.

The public perception of the female dog is one that is associated with gentleness and sensitivity of the driver. This is just a public perception, and is completely false. Although the kindness and gentleness is characteristic of the individual dogs, many owners are willing to tolerate a large female on instead of a huge male, based solely on this idea. Common opinion also has it that women are quick learners and get easily trained, which hence makes them more popular than dogs when it comes to choosing a dog for the first time.

Aggression is the primarily considered as a difference however it is free from gender difference. Several factors decide the level of aggression in a male or female dog including its temperament, training, up-bringing and experience. You can not say much about the personality based purely on gender.

When it comes to race, there are certain differences between the males and the females, some species are known to have a healthier life. For example, a female pug is at a higher risk among all the other dogs for ovarian or breast tumors.

This fundamental difference is usually not on the basis for what the gender is in dogs. We all have an idea of whether we want a male or female dog breed. Dogs of all breeds can be kept with each other, and it is common for dogs of opposite sex to get aggressive sometimes. Personality and gender, or a mix of both, in a dog has much more to do with the differences rather than just the gender.


Male dogs are usually larger than females of the same breed.

Female dogs are more expensive to sterilize.

List the public perception of the female dog is softer and gentler in nature than the males.


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