Mall vs. Outlet

Difference Between Mall and Outlet The terms, Mall and Outlet are totally varied concepts of shopping. There is a…

Difference Between Mall and Outlet

The terms, Mall and Outlet are totally varied concepts of shopping. There is a large variety of differences between the Mall and the Outlet. The Mall is a group of stores which are connected physically while an Outlet is a singular discount store akin to a departmental store.

In Outlets, the cost of articles tends to be much lower in comparison with Malls where one cannot expect a lowering of the prices. As Malls are a chain of stores, some of the stores may sell their wares at lower prices. Therefore, a Mall is a mixture of stores which sell goods at the actual prices and lowered prices.

A Mall having several varied stores sells a diverse range of merchandise whereas the Outlet is a shop that is proficient in selling only a single type of goods. The Wall Mart is one of the typical examples which is a huge store selling a wide variety of merchandise.

One of the major differences between the Malls and Outlets is that a Mall is typified in its appearance with the existence of walkways that allow the shoppers to amble across from one unit to the other with relative ease. A shopping mall has a massive parking area and is deemed to be a car-friendly place in comparison to an outlet which often does not cater to the parking of cars of visitors.

The outlet has the fine distinction of being online also although a brick and mortar is also a store can also go online. In direct contrast, a mall cannot operate online. It has to be brick and mortar in its existence. One can scour an outlet in a stipulate period of time where you need to have ample time at your disposal to shop in a shopping mall.

There is a difference between Outlet stores also. There are outlets that are factory stores and general stores. Therefore there is a variation in prices also between them. It is not the case with malls.

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