Manager vs. Administrator

Difference Between Manager and Administrator Manager and Administrator are two terms which are quite often used interchangeably. There…

Difference Between Manager and Administrator

Manager and Administrator are two terms which are quite often used interchangeably. There are clear differences among a manager and an administrator. In many companies, especially small, the person who is in charge of the administration is essentially the same person who performs the role of a manager as well. But in large companies, these are two different positions which carry separate rights and duties. This article intends to highlight the differences between a manager and an administrator by telling about the roles played by each in any organization.

The differences between the roles and functions of an administrator and a manager can be best understood on the basis of the following categories.

Nature of work

The administrator is responsible for deciding important goals and policies of the organization while a manager’s job is to execute these policies and achieve the goals set by the administrator.


The administrator makes decisions for the entire company while a manager takes decisions within the authority given to him by the administrator.

Authority in the organization

An administrator has the highest authority in the organization which means that he belongs to senior position whereas the manager is part of the middle level of a system. A manager must prove his authority by his capabilities.


An administrator is generally one of the owners of the business who invest the capital and receive profits while a manager is an employee hired for performing his job. He is usually an MBA who is paid and receives bonus from the administrator.


A Manager has to face competition in the organization when there is no competition for the administrator.

Team Selection

The Manager can make his own team of employees while an administrator has no role in making his team.


While both desire the highest productivity, the Manager is responsible for failures and lower productivity.

Human Resources

The Manager is in direct contact with employees but an administrator maintains the status quo.


A Manager needs to have technical and managerial skills while an administrator only needs to possess managerial skills.

Decision Making

While the decisions of a Manager is governed by its own idiosyncrasies, government policies and public opinion, the decisions of a Manager are more pragmatic and are taken on a daily basis.


We can say that the manager has to deal with both employees as well as senior management while the administrator is involved with aspects of business such as finance.


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