Manager vs. Leader

The difference between a manager and a leader Leader and Manager are the words many a times which…

The difference between a manager and a leader

Leader and Manager are the words many a times which are used interchangeably thinking that they are one and the same. These words are not easy to differentiate inspite of great differences between manager and a leader.

Leader is a person who has a mission, vision in mind and backs his spirit to achieve that goal. Leader is more focused on achieving the vision of the company by regular growth and development. For achieving the vision he sets up small milestones which called mission. To achieve this mission, managers are required who are characterized by the factors such as accuracy, calculation, methodology and statistical approach.

A good leader is capable of identifying the people who have the potential, expertise so as to carry out a specific job which helps him in moving a step closer to achieving his vision. A manager on the contrary is more qualified by mind and believes in control, action and analysis.

Leadership is always a step above manager as leadership is an art which is inherent while management is more of a concept which can be easily learnt. Leader is essential for the success of any organisation. The real fact is that there are many MBA’s in this world who call themselves managers but don’t have the spirit or the thrust in them to apply those management qualities. They need the guidance of a spirited leader so as to apply their management skills and call themselves managers.

Leaders are essential in an organization especially when the organization is having a shaky foundation. This is because the organization would start planning for the future and also think about various methods of growing. In a way it can be said that managers are needed by firms for rapid results whereas leaders are essential for planning the growth and development of that firm.

To sum it up:

The difference between manager and leader:

  • Leaders have vision and are of spirit, whereas managers are of the mind.
  • Leaders are essential for an organization, whereas managers are necessary for organization.
  • Leaders look for growth and development, whereas managers look for rapid results.

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