Maps Vs. Globes

A map is a kind of picture of an area. It will usually include symbols and other information…

A map is a kind of picture of an area. It will usually include symbols and other information to make it easier to understand. A map could show the street on which you live—or the entire world. Maps help people find their way from one place to another and record all kinds of information about people, places, and things.

Because our planet is round, a round globe gives the most accurate picture of the shapes and sizes of the land and water areas of the earth. But flat maps are cheaper and easier to handle, and they can show small areas in greater detail than a globe. For these reasons flat maps are more widely used than globes.

Maps have taken different forms through history. Long ago, Middle Easterners drew maps on clay tablets and directed travelers by arranging stones on the ground. Polynesians once sailed the Pacific using maps made of palm fiber and shells. Later, maps drawn on sheepskin told of trade and treasure routes. Maps once took a long time to make and were very rare and costly. It was not until the printing press and the process of copper engraving had been invented that maps could be produced cheaply and in large quantities. They then became part of everyday life.

The first maps were designed to help people move from place to place. Today maps come in many forms and are used for many purposes. Maps can show how land is used and who owns it. They can depict physical features such as mountains and lakes or record information about population or economic activities. There are even weather, undersea, and star maps. A person who makes maps is called a cartographer. The science of map making is known as cartography. Globe is just a general 3D representation of the planet while may is into many other details that are much relevant.


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