MBA vs. MA

Difference between MBA and MA MBA and MA are post graduate degrees but are different from each other in…

Difference between MBA and MA

MBA and MA are post graduate degrees but are different from each other in terms of their domain and scope. MBA stands for Master in Business Administration and MA is Master of Arts.

Eligibility: to get admission in MA in a particular subject it is necessary that you have studied that subject at Graduate level as a major subject or at least as allied subject.  For getting admission in MBA you should have a BBA degree or you should pass the entrance test like GRe and GMAT, conducted by the University or the college where you wish to get admission. If you do not have BBA degree then some of the universities may need you to possess work experience in a similar field.

Duration: MBA is a 3 year course while MA is of 2 years. Some of the universities conduct 2 year MBA as well.

Career opportunities: Once you have done MBA you become eligible for applying for the jobs in the field of Finance, Human Relations, and Marketing etc depending on your specialization. You are equipped with the knowledge required to administer business activities.  After doing MA in a particular subject you can teach that subject at school, college or University level, work as a researcher or consultant on that subject or take up other specialized jobs related to that subject.

After you do MBA you are expected to possess the desired business management skills while after you get MA degree in particular subject, you are expected to have thorough knowledge of that particular subject.


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