Difference Between MBA and MMS In India there was a time when medical and engineering were the only…

Difference Between MBA and MMS

In India there was a time when medical and engineering were the only options available for students to get success in higher education and also had an assurance of decent jobs after the successful completion of these the courses. Masters of Business Administration has become a popular course among students as it guarantees a flourishing career. Lately, course called MMS has become popular. The MMS also relates to the management and it’s also confusing for students to make out the difference and choose between these two types of courses. This article will provide answers to this puzzle by emphasizing on the basic features of these two courses.


As mentioned earlier, MBA has now been taken as an attractive carrier choice by students wishing to become managers in different industries. This is a 2 years course that is designed to meet the demands of industry and includes in depth study of topics such as accounting, marketing, finance, HR, operations and project administration. MBA students can take a general course including all the topics or focus on a topic which is taught extensively in one of the four semesters, in which the course is divided. There are a number of colleges offering MBA degree today, the students aspire for CAT(Combined aptitude test) conducted by IIM which is The Indian Institute of Management. It is considered that IIM’S MBA colleges are premium institutes in India who have a good reputation abroad.


MMS is Masters in Management Studies and is a degree program of two years which is approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). The universities offering MMS courses claim it to be more industry ready than MBA degrees. This is because the MMS is intended to provide not only theoretical knowledge but has a strong practical and realistic content. The University has the strong link ups with companies to provide students with inside knowledge of practices and trends in the industry. Thus, MMS can be a first step towards a successful career in any industry as the student is ready for the industry when he gets the degree after completing the course.


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