Difference Between MCA and MBA MBA is perhaps the next most popular in the country after medical and…

Difference Between MCA and MBA

MBA is perhaps the next most popular in the country after medical and engineering. It is a degree course which imparts knowledge to students in all aspects of business such as finance, accounting and human resources, marketing and administration operations. Those who are do MBA work at the middle management level of organizations and are responsible for the performance and growth of the company. In recent times, due to the sudden increase in usage of computers and boom in the IT industry, interest in the courses like MCA, which prepares students to become experts in the use and application of computers in the industry, has increased. The two courses, although very different, offer abundant opportunities in terms of employment and growth. Here is a brief explanation of the two post graduate courses.


MBA is Masters in Business Administration. This course prepares the students to address the challenges that they will face the industry when in job. The course is divided in two years in which the first year is devoted to wide ranging topics such as accounting, economics, project administration, human resources, planning and strategy, marketing, administration of operations and so on. Students pursue a specialized curriculum in the last year according to their chosen field of study. There is huge demand for MBA’s in the industry in all sectors of the economy such as manufacturing, banking, travel and transportation, telecommunications and even in the service-based industries.


MCA is Masters in Computer Application. This is a post graduate level two years course just like MBA. MCA focuses on imparting knowledge of computers and their applications in industry. Increased dependence on computers in all the sectors has increased the demand for MCA professionals for devising ways to improve the efficiency and organizational productivity.


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