MCA vs. MSC It

Difference Between MCA and MSC It MCA and MSc IT are post graduate level courses in the field…

Difference Between MCA and MSC It

MCA and MSc IT are post graduate level courses in the field of computers that have become very popular these days. It does not surprise considering the high demand for professionals in the industry. MCA and MSc IT offer huge number of job opportunities, but they differ in terms of the course content and core areas they focus. This article will highlight these differences to allow students to choose the program that best suits their interest and requirements.

MCA is Master of Computer Applications. This is a course of two years and is taken up after graduation to prepare students for career opportunities in IT industry like in software development. MCA focuses on imparting in-depth knowledge of theoretical aspects and allows students to prepare for the application of principles learned in the course in the industry. Students receive knowledge of handling the software problems in different industries and become experts in advance networking technology. MCA can be done from hundreds of engineering colleges and business schools across the country. Those who complete their BCA become eligible for MCA. Otherwise any graduate with a mathematics background at 10+2 level may apply for MCA course. There is an entrance exam for the course. MCA students can easily pursue a career in the software and get so many other career opportunities both in the private sector as well as in government. After passing MCA you can easily get jobs related to computers at management level.


MSc program is also for graduate students and can be completed in two years. This course is designed to accommodate the ever growing demands of Indian and global IT industry. This is a course with a special focus on information technology. Students get deep knowledge of the working and functionality of computers (both hardware and software and learn practical applications of knowledge gained. Students learn to use information as a tool in business environments.


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