McDonald’s vs. KFC

Difference between Mcdonalds and KFC McDonald’s and KFC are fast food chains which originated in US but are…

Difference between Mcdonalds and KFC

McDonald’s and KFC are fast food chains which originated in US but are now spread all over the world. These are the most favorite options when anyone thinks about fast food. Both of these have entirely different cuisines.

Mcdonald’s is popularly known as McD and it started in 1940. McD is known for its speedy service system. The first mascot of McD was a man with a similar chef’s hat that you see on the head of the clown man of the current mascot. With outlets in 119 countries across the world McD serves more than 58 million customers on a daily basis. Although the signature colors of McD are Red and yellow and you would not find any change in them but the set up of the restaurants can be different according to its location. At some places you would find drive-thru services, some have lot of seating space inside and outside the restaurants and some may even have place for kids to play and enjoy.

McDonalds serve vegetarian and non-vegetarian food and you would find too many options to select from. Desserts, Sandwiches, burgers and French fries are available in different packages and combo meals. McDonalds has been successful because of one very important reason. They have taken care of the regional flavors and the choice of the people in a particular region and have reflected that through their menu. For example you do not get soups and rice at McDonalds’ but you would find Soups in The Portuguese menu and McRice in Indonesian menu because of the popularity of these food items in these countries.

KFC stands for Kentucky Fried Chicken. This chain started way back in 1930 at the time of the Great Depression. Harland Sanders was the original creator of this chain and this is why it was earlier named after him and was known as “Sanders Court and Café “. He is the same man whom you see in the logo of KFC. KFC is known for their finger licking chicken recopies which are made from 11 special herbs. You must have eaten the fried chickens, salads, sandwiches, desserts, roasted and grilled chicken etc.

Even if we do not know the difference between mcdonalds and KFC it’s a treat to eat at both of these restaurants. Some of the main differences between them are:

  1. Their logos are entirely different and you should be able to identify them without much effort. McDonald’s logo has a smiling clown while KFC has cartooned image of Sanders with KFC written by the side of the image.
  2. Although both serve chicken but in entirely different form.
  3. McDonalds serves a huge variety of vegetarian meals as well while the main element of all KFC meals is chicken.

Both these restaurants have faced disputes and controversies related to animal rights but this has hardly anything to do with the popularity of their food among the masses.

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