McDonalds vs. Subway

Difference between Mcdonalds and Subway If you think about quick meals at work or want to eat something…

Difference between Mcdonalds and Subway

If you think about quick meals at work or want to eat something when you hardly have any time then you either think of placing an order at McDonalds or to get large sandwich from Subway. We do not even think about the fact that these names have unconsciously made such an important place in our day to day lives with their fast foods.

McDonalds started in 1940 and today it is spread across 119 countries in the world. The speedy Service system introduced my them has become mantra for all the fast food restaurants now. The Clown that you see outside the McDonald’s restaurants is the mascot of this chain of restaurants. Earlier it was a hamburger-headed man who wore a chef’s hat. McDonalds serves at almost all types of locations and depending on the location you would find the design of their restaurant. At highways they may have drive-thru while in a mall you can find a nice and comfortable restaurant with lot of seating space.

Their menu includes a lot of variety and this is why they serve about 58 million people on daily basis across the world.  You can find great veg and non-veg food along with soft drinks, coffee and desserts. Their menu includes variety of sandwiches, burgers, hamburgers, and various combo meals. McDonalds have made their special place in all the countries even though there are so many differences in their cultures and this has been done by adapting to the specific local flavors and preferences of the customers without losing their own flavors. You can find them serving sops in Portugal and Rice in Indonesia.

Subway is another popular chain of fast food which has made its global presence. With 33930 restaurants across 95 countries in the world this chain is growing rapidly. It may be surprising to know that this chain was started by a 17 year old guy who struggled to meet his college expenses. Fred De Luca’s started it 25 years after McDonalds and was initially called Pete’s Submarine and began with serving sandwiches. Today they serve a variety of Sandwiches, Danishes, Muffins and cookies in a variety of flavors. They also cater to vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian customers.

There is hardly any competition between McDonalds and Subway because they serve different type of meals and people know where to go if they want to eat a specific food. Qiznos is their competitor which has a similar menu however it is the generous servings and amazing flavors which pull the customers. At subway if you pay for a cup then you can drink any amount of soft drink. The oversized sandwiches that you get at Subway have even been questioned legally just like McDonalds has faced so many lawsuits.

The main difference between these two restaurants is the type of food they serve. McDonalds is known for its hamburgers while Subway for its submarine sandwiches. Some of the McDonalds restaurants have playgrounds while the setup of subway is usually same everywhere with no playgrounds etc.

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