Measuring The Difference Between Influences of Celebrities and Influence of Parents

Throughout our lives, we are influenced by a lot of people. During the early year, family and parents…

Throughout our lives, we are influenced by a lot of people. During the early year, family and parents play an important role in influencing and developing our own set of attitude and behavior. Our personal relationship with our parents would determine how we respond to or how we are influenced by other people. As we grow up, we become exposed to famous people, more often celebrities, who can then influence the way we look, the way we dress, and the way we interact with other people in the community. The way we are influenced by our parents is entirely different by how we are influenced by celebrities.


Level Of Influence

The influence of parents and family can have a more lasting effect, but this will depend on how strong the bond is between parent and child. If parents are able to build solid moral foundation and maintain a strong bond with their children, children will continue to consider their parents as role models all throughout their lives. During teenage years, however, when a child is exposed to external factors, celebrities may play a great role in influencing that person’s preferences and perception towards life. Celebrities can influence a lot of people to be good or bad.


Scope And Effects

The influence of parents will be long-term if combined with the correct foundation. It can be short-lived if the ties between the parent and child are severed for some reason. The influence of celebrities, on the other hand, can range from influence on personal appearance to influence on how a person interacts with the community. On a basic level, celebrities have influenced people to wear similar clothes, to have the same hairstyle, or to use the same brand of cosmetics and other personal effects. To a higher extent, celebrities can also influence people to join cause-oriented groups or support a certain advocacy.



No matter how much a person is influenced by celebrities, it can be limited when parents come into the picture. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a positive influence coming from celebrities, but when a person starts to show negative behavior because of this influence, parents and family will have to step in to change a person’s perspective. As long as the parents will be able to rekindle the old parent-child bond and lead the child to the right path, the effect of influence from celebrities will completely cease to exist.


Parents have the greatest responsibility of influencing their children for the better. A strong moral and ethical foundation should start during the early years. If this is accomplished, a child will have a more stable personality and set of moral values that later on will help him decide which influences are good and which are bad. A confident child will also have a lesser tendency to look up to celebrities as role models and celebrities will have a minimal effect on a child’s way of life or future behavior. Because of this, parents can be assured that their children will not be persuaded by negative influences.

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