Mexicans vs. Puerto Ricans

Difference Between Mexicans and Puerto Ricans Mexico or the United Mexican state is bordering Guatemala, Pacific Ocean, Belize,…

Difference Between Mexicans and Puerto Ricans

Mexico or the United Mexican state is bordering Guatemala, Pacific Ocean, Belize, Mexico and the Caribbean. Its inhabitants are a mix of descendants of indigenous Mayans, Aztecs, Toltecs, the Spanish colonists, and many others.

Puerto Rican are U.S. citizens, while the Mexicans are not. Puerto Rican is free to visit any place in the mainland economy.

It was originally inhabited by Taino Indians who were exterminated by the arrival of Spanish colonists who brought with them infectious diseases. People today are descendants of the Taino, African slaves and European settlers.

While people in both the country’s ethnic groups, Latino and speak Spanish, talk is different. The Spanish of Mexico is slower and more consonant “S” and “L” while the Spanish in Puerto Rico does not produce the “S” and “R” and ignore the “D” and change the “R” for “L.”

Spanish in Puerto Rico is closer to the Spanish spoken in parts of Spain that the Spanish of Mexico is influenced by its Aboriginal roots, but to speak more clearly. Food eaten is also different. Mexicans eat enchiladas, tortillas burritos while Puerto Rican to have chicken and rice, tostones, ampanadillas, pastilijos and bananas.

Mexican food uses of corn and beans and spices such as Chile, oregano, chocolate and chipotle. Taino Puerto Rican cuisine has Spanish influence, African and American and uses ingredients that are indigenous to the country.

They also differ in their appearance with the Mexicans are more like Indians and mestizos, while the people of Puerto Rico can be blond and. white they have blue eyes, black hair and dark eyes, or a shadow in the middle


1 United Mexican States is a country located in North America, while the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is located in the Caribbean.

2 Mexican is clear and melodic compared to the Spanish of Puerto Rico, they also differ in grammar and pronunciation

3. What kinds of dishes are different. Mexicans have more beans, spices and peppers, while the Puerto Rican use bananas and cassava and other ingredients.

4 Puerto Rican is free to enter and leave the U.S. at will while the Mexicans are not.

5. Some Puerto Rican have darker skin because of their African ancestors, but some are white or brown, compared with 7.Mexicans that can mimic those of their ancestors or their ancestors native Spanish.




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