Mexico vs. United States

Difference Between Mexico and United States Mexico is a neighboring republic country of United States in the North…

Difference Between Mexico and United States

Mexico is a neighboring republic country of United States in the North American continent.  It is to the south of US and Pacific Ocean is on its western coast.  Area of Mexico is about 2 million Km2. It is the world’s 11th most populated country in the world and its estimated population as on July2011 is 113 million.  With 31 states and one Federal district, Mexico is among the top 5 countries in North America.

Mexico was conquered by Spain in 1521 and it got its independent status as Mexico in 1821 but it was declared free on 16 September 1810 and this why 16 September is celebrated as Independence Day of Mexico. The economy of Mexico was unstable before independence as a result of two empires and civil war due to domestic dictatorship. Mexican revolution in 1910 led to emergence of the constitution and it stabilized the political system. In July 2000 a president from the opposition party took over the reins of the political system.

Today, Mexico is one of the largest economies and holds a powerful status in the region. Industrial revolution has made it a country to have the world’s 13th largest GDP or the gross domestic product. Mexico is linked with US and this has helped them in strengthening of their economy. UNESCO World Heritage Sites which rank America as number one have ranked Mexico 5th. It is 10th most visited country in the world and as many as 21.4 million people revisited Mexico.

United States of America is a republic country in North American continent. It is considered the world’s strongest country and has 52 states and a Federal District. Canada borders it in the north while Mexico in the south. Its area is about 3.79 million square miles and is inhibited by almost 308 million people. It is a country with diversity in population and has immigrants from all over the world who now live as citizens of the country. It is the third largest country in terms of area and population and world’s largest economy.

The population of Native Americans is less and has reduced over a period of time because of wars and diseases. Today the largest part of the population is of the people from Asian countries who have migrated and settled there.

United States came into existence through cooperative unions of the states after getting independence. Its constitution came into existence on 17 September 1787. S also faced civil war in 1860. It is a country which is known to be the strongest in terms of military power and it was the first country to use nuclear weapon. It is the superpower o the world after the dissolution of USSR. It is a leader of the world in terms of politics, power, economy and even culture.

Both, Mexico and US are economically strong countries. US spends far more money on the insurance of the citizens than Mexico. The companies offer insurance to their employees and this is why individual efforts for getting insurance are decreasing while this trend is increasing in Mexico. US citizens have the world’s best infrastructure and facilities for a good life. Mexican standard of life is also high with great infrastructural facilities but some of the rural areas in Mexico lack advanced medical facilities.

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