Michael Jackson vs. Prince

Difference Between Michael Jackson and Prince Michael Jackson and Prince Rogers Nelson were two names which rocked music industry…

Difference Between Michael Jackson and Prince

Michael Jackson and Prince Rogers Nelson were two names which rocked music industry a decade ago. They were the most talked about celebrities in the media and even the smallest aspect of their life was under the eye of the media. Both were competitors in the field of music but they had different singing styles and had their own fan base.

Michael Jackson was a great singer, dancer, actor, composer and a fashion icon as well. He was from a very simple family but he earned a big name for himself in the world of pop music. With incomparable success which he achieved in 70’s and 80’ he became the king of pop and continues to rule the hearts of his fans even today. He also entered Guinness world record because of the number of awards he won. He wrote his biography. He underwent plastic surgery to become a white. After a long and successful career he had a tragic end. He fought many accusations and troubles in his personal life and faced bad health and went under the influence of drugs. He died in 2009 under suspicious circumstances.

Prince Rogers Nelson also had a non-influential background but he made his name with his hard work and dedication. He was a singer, a lyricist, guitarist, composer and director. The success he got was truly deserved by this dedicated musician. He has a lot of variety in his songs and included Jazz, disco, pop and many other styles. He won many international awards and was one of the top singers of 80’s.

Difference between Michael Jackson and Prince:

  1. Michael Jackson has larger fan following than Prince.
  2. Michael Jackson was a better stage performer and dancer than Prince.
  3. Michael Jackson was loved more for his extraordinary performance skills on the stage while Prince was loved for his music and at least one track from his each album that was outstanding.
  4. Michael Jackson faced criticism because of his personal life but Prince did not face any such thing in life.
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