Middle Ages vs. Dark Ages

Difference Between the Dark Ages and the Middle Ages The Dark Ages is the name given to the…

Difference Between the Dark Ages and the Middle Ages

The Dark Ages is the name given to the period in history between the years 400 A.D. and 1000 A.D. This period was characterized by a drastic deterioration in the economy and the culture of European countries. It is often called the Early Middle Ages and refers to the time between the demise of the Roam Empire and the Renaissance.

The term the “Dark Ages” was coined by Francisco Petrarca, the Petrarch, who was an Italian scholar. A religious struggle took place during this time and was not something that occurred at a later date. Protestants and Catholics were at odds as Protestant groups tried to go back to Christianity as the main religion.

To Catholics, the Dark Ages is a productive era because it was during this time that Christianity spread throughout Europe. So, in a way, it was not a dark time in history for Catholics at all.

Historians believe that the Middle Ages began with the formation of East Franca. This period in history is often called Medieval Times. Scholarship started to flourish with the beginning of the Renaissance and cultural relationships became stronger than ever before. The people of this time in history were advanced in different cultures. They produced masterpieces in literature and art and there were outstanding advancements made in the areas of science and medicine. The Medieval era paved the way for the Renaissance to take over Europe and bring the countries out of the Dark Ages.


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