Midwife vs. Obstetrician

Difference Between Midwife and Obstetrician Choosing a doctor to deliver a child is very important but most importantly…

Difference Between Midwife and Obstetrician

Choosing a doctor to deliver a child is very important but most importantly it must be a doctor of someone who has experience in this area.  Pregnant women need a lot of information, especially if this is their first child. They need to know what precautions to take, and what types of food they should be eating.  Being pregnant means taking proper care of the life that is growing inside of the womb.

Some women may not feel that an Obstetrician and a midwife are one in the same. There are some noted differences and some similarities. They are both professionals and they both deliver babies, but their practices are very different. An Obstetrician is a medical doctor who have undergone years of schooling, testing, and training. A midwife is one who completed has three years of nursing school, and other testing which are related to midwifery. Most midwives have the opportunity to excel beyond OB and specialize in Gynecology. The courses will prepare them for the career path they choose.

Many Gynecologists do not encourage the use of medication during labor. They do however, offer support to women who may need some pain medication, especially if the delivery is long and difficult. Midwives works on medication prevention, they help their patients to focus on pain management techniques instead. While both of these professionals work inside the hospital, the midwife is assigned to a rural area. There is so much that goes into caring for pregnant women and their newborn. If the mother is experiencing a problem, the midwife is responsible for reporting this information to the doctor. The doctor is responsible for stabilizing both the mother to be and the unborn child. The midwife may also provide post delivery care to the mom and the newborn.


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