Migraine Vs. Headache

Difference Between Migraine and Headache Almost everyone gets headaches sometimes. So how do you know if it is…

Difference Between Migraine and Headache

Almost everyone gets headaches sometimes. So how do you know if it is a migraine headache or regular one? Check out the following differences, and identify what you have before you rush to a doctor!

How do I know if there is a common headache or migraine?

A migraine attack is usually focused on a particular side of the head. The pain begins as a dull one, and then escalates to a level of being a severe pain, which is concentrated in a particular section.

If it is a migraine pain, you will usually be sensitive to light and noise when you get attacked. Physical labor makes it worse. Therefore you will usually find people with migraines at home in the dark rather than to prefer to go outside. Most patients will lose their appetite or will experience nausea during the attack. They can also experience the feeling of extreme heat or chills.

A headache is caused by other reasons such as tension or sinus infection and symptoms mentioned above. A headache comes usually in the forehead and neck and is extended to the shoulders. A sinus headache is often characterized by a runny nose and fever. Clearly Migraine Headache symptoms vary from a common headache.

What are the different factors that differentiate migraine from other headaches?

Migraine is a result of the contraction and expansion of blood vessels in the head. It can be caused by a number of triggers like tyramine. Food plays important role in the case of this disease and this disease is more likely to be transmitted from mother to daughter. Headaches can be caused by stress and fatigue. It can also be the result of alcohol, eyestrain, sinus infection or a bad attitude! Basically, the factors that can be controlled by a person. There is no inheritance involved in the normal headaches.

What are the different treatments?

NSAIDs is an abortive medication that can be prescribed for Migraine. Preventive medications can reduce the intensity of the attacks, and can make them less frequent. Other Headaches can also be cured by your doctor symptomatic treatment. For example, pain relievers may be prescribed to control the headaches. If your headache is due to a sinus infection, then an antibiotic is prescribed. . If you get a headache due to tension, the doctor may suggest that you should take medications or stress relief exercise


1 Migraines are hereditary disorders caused by many types of triggers. Other types of headaches can be caused by stress, sinusitis, or other triggers control.

2 A migraine starts on one side of the head, and may be accompanied by nausea, loss of vision and extreme sensitivity to light and sound. Other headaches do not have these features.

3. Migraine headaches are treated with preventive drugs, and abortive drugs. Headaches are treated symptomatically.

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