Mind vs. Brain

Difference Between Mind and Brain Mind and Brain- These are two terms that are confused to mean one…

Difference Between Mind and Brain

Mind and Brain- These are two terms that are confused to mean one and the same thing. But in reality there is a lot of difference between the two. Brain has a physical existence in the human anatomy while is a psychological term meant to refer to the intellect of a particular person. A brain is the most vital organ of human body as it controls all the activities of the body. On the other hand, a mind is that imaginary aspect that is said to determine the intelligence and thinking and judgement power of san individual. Mind is the reason why we human beings have the power to feel different emotions, able to have various types of dreams and are able to recollect memories from the past. In short if we say that we are not in a good mood or that we are sad, depressed or happy and cheerful, its not exactly our state that we describe, it is the state of our mind that we are referring to. The same is not applicable to brain. The state of our brain can only be determined medically through various complicated examinations. In short, a brain has physical dimensions and constituent parts that make it up, while mind is just an imaginary aspect and representation of who we are. Brain occupies a particular volume and space in the human body while mind does not. According to the philosophers, mind is very different from the mortal body and yet it is not the soul too.

One is able to see, perceive and confirm the presence of the brain while the same is not applicable in case of mind. Mind is made up of emotions, thoughts, memories, feelings, intelligence etc, while brain is made up of nerves fibres and grey cells and tissue and several other body components that help and individual to perceive interpret and react to the happenings of the surroundings. We often come across the emotion of being in a very dull mood. Its the mind that is dull, not the brain. Mind has the freedom of changing its nature every now and then. It can be active one day and can be lazy on the other. But the brain goes on working till the time a person is alive as it is the region that has the control of each and every vital activities of the body. It perceives the changes in the surroundings through the body sense organs, converts them into electrical signals and then interprets it and thus enables the individual to react to these signals given by the brain. Thus any defect in the functioning of the brain becomes a medical issue and needs to be either treated surgically or medicinally. The same does not hold true for the mind, Any defect in the mind is all our own emotional or rather psychological problem and cannot be treated surgically. proper counselling and psychological treatments are required for the same. Thus in spite of the fact that the two terms seem to be on and the same, the most basic difference that lies between the MIND and the BRAIN is that one can be physically perceived and forms an important part of the body, while the other’s existence is a belief or rather the psychological and spiritual belief of the people.


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