Miracle vs. Magic

The differences between a miracle and magic The application of the words, magic and miracle might seem to…

The differences between a miracle and magic

The application of the words, magic and miracle might seem to be similar, but when analyzed properly there is distinction between both of them. Normally, magic is understood as the act of human being whereas the act of god represents miracle.

Miracle depends on spirit of God to a great scope. This is one of the major reasons as to non-happening of miracles again and again. Miracles happen hardly ever in your life, only if it is fated to happen. On the other hand, management of nature of objects is said as magic.

Magic involves controlling of nature of objects or things whereas miracle has nothing to do with controlling the nature of objects or things. The performance of magic inclines using of the so called energy around you. On the contrary, miracle is all about god.

It is interesting to know that the presentation of magic is personal and it is not depended on the power of god. Magic is something fearful and something which is a type of exercise. Magic is a surprise and happiness that happens in front of your eyes.

Like magic, miracles too can be considered for happiness and surprise, but it is believed that there is a hand of almighty behind that. At the same time, your thinking of almighty experiencing magic does not comes to your mind. At the most, you would appreciate the skill of magicians and also clap for him. You would admire the Lord if you see miracles happening around you.

The act of magic is patented by the talent and ability of the performer or magician. On the other hand, the act of miracle is patented by the power or wish of god. Thus, it is obvious that both these words cannot be interchangeable as they show high differences among them.

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